Daily Walk with the Holy Spirit

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some thoughts for today....

Today is a new day!

How do you start each day?

When you get up, before your feet hit the floor do you thank Him for anther day?

Do you thank Him for that next breath?

How do you start your day?

How do you use your time during the day?

What you do today is important!

We are trading a day of our life for it.

There will never be another day exactly like today.

Do you Praise Him, or do you grumble and complain about what you don't have?

Do you covet (want) other peoples things?

Is He your provider?

Do you lean on man and his paycheck?

God will supply your every need if only you let Him!

Remember when tomorrow comes today will be gone!

Are you in His will and doing things His way?

Did you do want you wanted to do, or did you do as God wanted you to?

Do you believe in His word?

Do you have communion with God?

Is your communion with God broken?

Do you give Him honor?

Our faith is not what we do for God, but is what we do with it with God!

Remember that there will never be another today!

Will you have done good and not evil?

Will you have success and not failure?

Where do you put your trust?

Is your faith in God almighty or in man?

Put your trust in the God that will NEVER Fail!


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