Daily Walk with the Holy Spirit

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a wonderful Day!

What a wonderful day!

What a great and glorious God!

Thank You!

Thank You Most precious Heavenly Father for sharing Your Son with us.

Thank You for the cross by which Your Son has given to us for redemption of all manner of sin, iniquities and all manner of disease is healed.

Only a Father's love could motivate one to do such a thing, as to save all manner of mankind from itself.

There is a mighty Father who sits above us all - who gave His all for us - His Son to save us all! It is His blood that was shed for all, that saves, heals, cleans, and delivers us.

There is no need for another lamb to be slain- for this Lamb has done it once and for all. Hallelujah to the Mighty Precious Lamb!

The stone has been rolled away!

If you do not have this precious Love in your heart all you have to do is ask, and let Him come into and take control of your life.

Let the Love that flows from the throne lead and guide you into all truth and righteousness.

Won't you give your life to Him - He gave His without reservation for yours!

Thank You, precious Holy Father for Your Son that You gave to us!

What a love for Your people.


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