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Monday, June 05, 2006

Are you an ambassador for God?

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ,..."

An ambassador is one who is generally not a citizen of the country in which they are assigned to live.

An ambassador drives only the best, and has one of the most beautiful houses you have ever seen.

Which ever country the ambassador is from they only get the best.

Take for example if we sent an ambassador to another country, they would have the very best of everything that our country has to offer, that is because we want to show everyone else what kind of life style that we have to offer in America.

It is the very same way with our Lord.

He offers us the very best of everything.

All we have to do is ask, and receive, and walk it out.

The moment we say yes, we are His ambassadors.

We have the very best.

We get to sit a t the King's table.

We have to have that experience between our Lord and us to be the very best ambassador that we can be.

How do you present yourself?

Can others see heaven through us?

How do you live?

What is your life style like?

We carry ourselves exactly how we live.

Do you have that heavenly citizenship?

Are you passing His Word to those who need to hear it?

We must get out of ourselves and into God, then we can do His work.

We are not to think of ourselves more highly than Christ - it is wrong.

What do your actions portray about you?

Are you an ambassador at work?

Are you an ambassador for your children?

Are you an ambassador at the store?

Are you an ambassador after you get out of church on the church parking lot?

Are you an ambassador when you go out to eat?

Are you an ambassador when you go swimming.

Are you an ambassador when you go to the movies?

Are you an ambassador when you are not around your friends and no one is looking.

Wherever you go are you showing yourself as an ambassador of Christ?

What do your actions portray about you?

When we get beyond our earthly things then we will be able to tap into heaven and help distribute to those who need it.

We are called to be His ambassador - won't you answer His call today?


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