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Friday, September 22, 2006

Do you believe in Angels?

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Psalm 91:11

Do you believe in Angels?

Do you believe in guardian Angels?

Have you ever run a red light?

Has someone else ran a red light?

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation and made it out ok?

God created us for His pleasure.

He is God.

He is worthy of all praise.

He has kept you for His good pleasure.

He has let what has happened to you for a reason.

What has happened to you is part of a much greater plan.

Angels are proof of God's unconditional love.

Angels are all around us.

Angels are involved in our everyday life.

We mainly notice Angels when something out of the ordinary happens.

When this does it stirs our faith in God, makes us stronger, and enrich our heart, soul and mind.

Angels bring help, comfort and inspiration in time of need.

It is sometimes just a sense of His presence that helps to comfort the pain, protect us from danger, to help us when we fall.

You could be entertaining an Angel right at this very moment.

You could very well meet an Angel and not even know it.

The miracles that Angels bring can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere.

It is when we are at that difficult point where we don't know what more we can do.

God, then steps in and takes us by the hand.

This is where we become totally dependent upon Him.

It is at that precise moment that He has our full attention.

He then will give us a glimpse of the wonders that heaven has for us through His Angels.

We know that right at that moment He loves us.

We have know that but we feel it even stronger than before.

Once you have had an experience with an Angel, you will have no doubt about God.

You will have no doubt that His Angels are real, and that they are here to help us in time of need.

All that I can say is do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as you never know when you are entertaining an Angel.

Meeting Angels Unaware

On life's busy thoroughfare,

We meet with angels unaware,

Too busy to sense that God is near,

Too busy to stop and recognize

The grief that lies in another's eyes,

Too busy to offer to help or share,

Too busy to sympathize or care,

Too busy to do the good things we should,

Telling ourselves we would if we could.

But life is too swift and the pace is too great

And we dare not pause for we might be late

For our next appointment which means so much,

We are willing to brush off the Saviour's touch,

And we tell ourselves there will come a day,

We will have more time to pause on our way,

But before we know it life's sun has set,

And we've passed the Saviour, but never met,

For hurrying along life's thoroughfare,

We passed Him by and remained unaware

That within the very sight of our eye,

Unnoticed, the Son of God passed by.

-Helen Steiner Rice-


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