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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Do you gather together?

"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;" Hebrews 10:25a

Do you gather to worship God?

Do you have a certain day of rest?

Do you know why you gather yourselves together to worship God?

Many of us have things backwards.

Many of us just want to stay home and listen to Christian radio, and Christian in replace of going to church.

There really is no reason to stay home.

Maybe you have been hurt in the past by someone at the church, maybe you think that you are physical able.

We need to get into God's presence so that He can heal our heart, our physical body and our soul.

God is no respecter of persons.

When we go to church we are going to hide ourself from our own flesh.

We are going to church to glorify God.

It is when we are in His presence that we are set free from our bondage.

When we go to church we nee to leave all our baggage at the door and enter into His presence.

Many people never get into His presence because they bring in all their baggage with them.

The Sabbath day is set aside for us to not do our pleasure but His!

The pleasure of God is contained in the Sabbath.

We were created for His good pleasure.

We were created to give Him praise, and honor.

This can happen outside the church, just not inside the doors.

On the Sabbath day, there is a rest in God.

The rest in God does not happen just on a certain day.

The rest in God comes from being in His presence and worshipping Him.

There is a rest for the people of God to enter into.

We are to enter into that rest.

No matter how hard we try to keep a certain day, it will not make anyone any more saved.

If someone wants to keep a certain day it is ok.

Romans chapters 14-15 talk about keeping a certain day.

If someone has a certain day that they keep, don't hassle them about it.

Let them keep it.

Maybe it is easier for them to keep a schedule.

We are not to hassle them as Christians because of the day they have set aside.

We are all invited to the Lord's table.

Who are we to tell someone that they can't come to the Lord's table?

We need to let people be who may have a different day set aside for worshipping God.

We have gotten things backwards.

It is not necessarily about the day, but what we do when we come together and worship Him.

The Sabbath day is so that we may worship Him corporately, come into His presence, and into His rest.

The purpose of the Sabbath is to get into His presence.

The Sabbath day God has chosen so that we might rest.

This is why we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

We come together to get into His presence.

We come together to give Him glory and honor that is due Him!

We have go to lay aside our own pleasures, shopping, ballgames, movies, whatever takes your time.

We need to get focused on God!

We need to start doing His good pleasure!

His pleasure is found in His presence.

He has pleasure when we come together to worship Him!

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." Acts 2:42


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