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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Does He know me?

"And He calleth His own sheep by His voice, and leadeth them out." John 10:3a

Have you ever thought that you know all there is about God, that you don't need what He has to offer you?

Do you know that it is possible to know all about doctrine and still not know who Jesus is?

Our soul becomes in very much danger when doctrine heavily outweighs that intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why have we doubted?

We all at one time or another have doubted something about Jesus.

Could it have been an experience with Jesus that others have previously had, but you have not had?

When He comes, When He touches, we know not when, but when they do, oh how precious they are!

Have you ever thought that there is s preacher alive that could not make a appeal for your heart?

My friend, do you not realize what kind of confession that you just made by saying that.

God's Holy Spirit strove with you, but over the months you have refused Him.

You would not hear His voice when He spoke to you.

God's Spirit has left you.

God's Spirit will not forever dwell, strive with man.

"And the Lord said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man," Genesis 6:3a

You my friend have grieved the Holy Spirit.

I pray that there still may be grace for you.

I must remind you that the Holy Spirit is God.ly

Unlike man we can not insult and turn Him aside forever.

My suggestion for you, my friend, would be to fall upon your knees and cry out to Him seeking Him earnestly!

I pray that God's Sprit has not left you forever, but that He may come back to you in redeeming grace.

I know that if I were out of church, were not a professing believer, or of a hardened heart, I would pray to the living God to give but one more moment in which you could settle the matter.

You have that opportunity here and now to settle that question.

Now, is the time for you to respond!

You do not know what will happen if you choose to walk away this time.

This could very well be the very last time He will call you.

Will you not respond the speaking, the calling of God's Spirit?

Will you not allow Him to work regeneration in your heart through the truth of the living God, while making you a new creation in Him.

The new testament teaching on regeneration is that when a man is struck by a sense of need, God will put the Holy Spirit into his spirit.

Your personal spirit will be energized by the Spirit of the Son of God, until Christ be formed in you.

Until you start looking like Christ.

"Just as the disposition of sin entered into the human race by one man, so the Holy Spirit entered the human race by another man; Redemption means that I can be delivered from the heredity of sin and through Jesus Christ can receive an unsullied heredity, viz., the Holy Spirit." - Oswald Chambers

You are the only person who can judge whether or not God's Spirit has spoken to your heart or not.

You can just laugh or you can swallow a few times and choke it down.

You have the power to walk out into that darkness, while choosing to leave God out of your life.

Won't you choose the light.

Won't you choose the one who is speaking to your heart right now?


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