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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do you understand the Cross?

Is the Cross any longer understood?

Have you misunderstood the cross?

Does the Cross still call to the depths of your soul?

Is the symbolic power of the Cross still recognized today?

The cross is one of the greatest symbols of mankind.

Does the cross still stand at the center of the Christian religion?

Over time has the true meaning of the Cross slipped away.

The Cross was a horrible instrument of torture.

The Cross points to death, tells of defeat and produces disruption and discord.

So, if the cross suggest all that which is crude and ugly why has it been chosen?

Why has the Cross been guarded and retained though out the centuries?

This Symbol of the Cross can not be forgotten or ignored.

The Cross commands attention.

The Cross, the actual instrument of Christ's death.

The Cross a natural symbol of crossroads in one's life.

There are four crossroads that a persons life is lived through...
Forward towards the future...
Backwards towards the past...
Inward towards one's own feelings, wishes or dreams...
Outwardly against that which we fight, come to terms with or just flat out ignore.

Have you ever passed a cross along the roadside only to have a young person ask what is that.

No longer does it appear that the cross is regarded as an essential part of human life.

Come on a walk with me as we take a journey to a bombed out roofless cathedral, where the city outside has all been forgotten and there lay nothing but waste and ruin, and infinitely solemn.

Everything around is very strange, but beautiful in it's own way at the same time.

Under the desert sky their lies a familiar symbol, something that the early Christians might have used in their worship.

Moving slowly ahead, not talking, but being observant, trying to not disturb anything out of respect.

It was deeply moving, beautiful and such a strong feeling of that which we have ceased to give into, now being stirred.

As I walked on somewhere in the distance there I noticed this large black cross.

Getting closer I could see that it was made from charred wood.

There behind the charred wooden cross was a stone etched with two simple words...Father Forgive.

Somehow that was all and enough.

There I broke down and remembered what My Heavenly Father gave us through His Son who died upon that Cross at Calvary.

Right there in that ruined, roofless cathedral, nothing has ever been driven harder at self deceit that encased my heart.

When you look upon the cross, does it awaken your heart?

Is there an unquenchable stirring on the inside?

Are you one of the many that can gaze upon the cross and find no interpretative key?

Do you know of the man Christ Jesus who suffered on the cross at Calvary?

Have you heard about God's forgiveness through the blood that was shed at the cross?

Do you clash between the inward and the outward?

Do you tend to drift, to surrender to the backward ways, to spiral downward?

When you saw that charred black cross, and read those two words...Father Forgive.. did it illuminate something in your mind? your heart?

Do/Did you know that the Cross of Calvary is related to human existence?

Man's destiny is not to be externally with himself, his world, and his God.

But through the One whom was willing to be stretched upon the Cross.

Through the Cross comes hope, restoration, and reconciliation.

Jesus Christ himself is the One toward whom our gaze must be directed as we seek to understand the meaning of human life in the Light of the purpose of God.

"O Lord, Christ, Lamb of God, Lord of Lords, call us, who are called to be saints, along the way of Thy cross:
Draw us, who would draw nearer our King to the foot of Thy cross:
Cleanse us, who are not worthy of approach, with the pardon of Thy cross:
Instruct us, the ignorant and blind, in the school of Thy cross:
Arm us, for the battles of holiness by the might of Thy cross:
Bring us, in fellowship of Thy sufferings to the victory of Thy cross:
And seal us in the Kingdom of Thy glory among the servants of Thy cross, O crucified Lord; who with the Father and Holy Ghost livest and reignest one God almighty, eternal, world without end." Amen.
- taken from A Procession of Passion Prayers, by E. Milner-White -


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