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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only through the Cross

"My sinful self my only shame
My glory all, the Cross."
- taken from the Faith of a Scholar - by David Swenson -

The earthly task that the Father assigned to Him is almost complete.

The encounter with death is the final test.

Will He go forward steadfast, courageously, and unflinchingly?

The Son of Man is about to be made the instrument of the glory of God.

The Son of Man is about to be glorified.

For only within the all embracing outreach of the One true sacrifice, can our imperfect sacrifices find acceptance with God.

At the center of all is the Cross, how Christ dies - no - rather that He is risen and ever lives to make intercession for us.

The Son of Man must be lifted upon the Cross of shame.

Through a symbol in which life and death, humiliation, exaltation, defeat and victory are all strangely entwined.

"And being in agony He prayed more earnestly; and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground." Luke 22:44

The Son of Man sweat great drops of blood.

Through the bloody drops falling to the ground, I can see the love that God has for those He gave to His Son.

His unspeakable desire to bring back us from sin, and to re establish order.

So, out of the travail of His soul, Jesus, lifts up His eyes to God and accepts His destiny...gladly and willingly.

"Father, glorify Thy name." John 12:28a

In that moment of time the whole world stood under judgement of the revelation of the glory of God.

The prince of this world stands condemned for his false standards of self declaration , self affirmation, self assertion, lust for power, and craving material things.

Everything was/is exposed to the burning light of God.

"And if I be lifted up from earth, will draw all men unto me." John 12:32

While darkness yet covered the earth, faint rays of light began to be seen.

The Cross was setup.

There seems to be an intolerable weight of the sin bearing weary world in the air.

A heaviness unexplainable.

We see the bent smitten head, the dull eyes, the parched and gasping mouth.

There is a sin pierced side, bloody gashes with skin torn away.

A body beaten, scarred and pierced.

There is no picture that can fully express the mystery of the atoning work of Christ.

The saving work of God drew blood from Christ, as it drew Christ from God.

Not only from God's side but from His heart.

The sacrifice of Jesus touched the very nature, the very essence of God.

All that was within Jesus was stirred up to bless and magnify God's holy name!

Nothing held back.

Nothing was spoiled by selfish motives.

Nothing of self was displayed!

"For their sakes, He cries I offer Myself in sacrifice that they maybe consecrated through the truth." John 12:9

He had honored his Father to the highest extreme, the uttermost.

Jesus had revealed the true heart of a human son.

There was no way to know or how to express more powerfully the overwhelming weight of the burden that our Lord and Savior, the Redeemer of mankind bore upon His heart.

The thief on a cross who was rightly there sees the ray of light.

A ray of glory, "Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom." Luke 23:42

The centurion also saw that ray of light.

"And when the centurion which stood over against Him, saw that He so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God." Mark 15:39

The Cross was the symbol of the lowest shame, but now has become the symbol of highest glory.

The end result of the cross was a chain of bitter events culminating in the mocking, scourging, and nailing of our precious Lord and Savior.The Son of God bore our flesh, He bore the Cross, He bore our sins, making atonement for us.

The Cross has become a place of honor, glory, and blessing.

The Cross has become the instrument drawing men and women of every nation, tribe and tongue to the feet of a living Christ.

I don't know about you, but I stand in need of being pardoned by grace.

"Though He were a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered; And being made perfect, He become the Author of Eternal Salvation unto all them that obey Him." Hebrews 5:8-9


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