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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God's Ways

God's ways are to heal, to guide and console.

God looks at our ways.

It is grace when He does.

He could and can lets us walk in our ways without looking at them.
God has looked and seen us wounded, lost and fearful.

Now, He is about to heal us.

He touches the wounds that of past and they close.

The hurting stops; the hurting can no longer harm our souls.

Memories can no longer torment us any longer.

All our pains soak into nothing, gone.

God is nearer to us than all that has passed.

God is nearer to us than the air that we breathe.

God wants to lead us.

No all ways of the human life are from God's leading.

We must listen intently to hear His voice.

He said that we would know His voice and another we would not follow.
For a long time we have walked our paths.

On our own ways we have been in a circle that everything eventually leads back to ourselves.


When God leads our ways, they guide us to Him.

God leads us through good ways; through happiness, and unhappiness, through trials, and hardships, But always and only towards God.

Through all these, we recognize God's ways.

God wants to console us, to lessen the grief; and alleviate the pain.

God wants to console us when the meaninglessness of our life scares us.

God wants to console us when we see the world as it is in all reality.


To him that is consoled, we realize that we have more than this world.

We have a life with God!

Nothing is lost, destroyed, or meaningless.

Quite the opposite happens....

We become closer to God, we feel His presence, His non judgmental love.

Has God not done that uncounted times in our life?

has He not guided His own through great need and danger?

So, how does God heal?

How Does He guide?

How does He console?

Only in that there is a voice within us that says, prays, calls, and even screams... Beloved Father!!

That is the Holy Spirit inside of you. :)

Won't you listen to His voice inside of you today?

"I have seen their ways;but I will heal them; I will lead them and repay them with comfort." Isaiah 57:18 NRSV Bible


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Deana said…

    Lead me Jesus, every day and in every way. I find that I learn more truths about myself as I draw closer to Him and Know Him more. Must be His revealing light. And I can testify that He does heal a broken heart and will never stop as I break my heart over and over again.


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