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Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Quote to Consider....

 A Quote to Consider

"...the Bible is  not simply a manual for understanding things of spiritual nature. It's earthier than that. It provides us with a comprehensive framework for understanding all of reality. It presents an entire worldview, a complete perspective on all of life. It supplies us with an overarching explanation of where we came from (creation), and what is wrong with us and the world we live in (fall), and what is the solution to the problem, or how the world can be set right again (redemption). The Bible is, said John Calvin, the "spectacles" by which Christians are to see, interpret, and understand everything from poetry to politics, from sports to science, from law to leisure.

With the Bible serving us in this way, Christians are equipped to engage every arena of our culture, every sector of our society, in a distinctively Christian way. Being a Christian involves thoughtful, Bible-based cultural analysis and cultural engagement on all levels. How does God want us to think about things like justice, legislation, the environment, and education? How does God intend for us to engage all these areas in a God-centered transformative way? In other words, we must have "a theology" about everything under the sun. Seriously! God requires that from us."

*- Pastor Tullian Tchividjian, Author of Unfashionable*


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