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Monday, August 13, 2012

That I may know Him....

"That I may know Him,..." Philippians 3:10a

When Paul wrote these words he had known Christ already for thirty years, and was a spiritually mature believer.

"Many people flatter themselves that they are going to be saved because they know a great deal about Jesus Christ. But mere knowledge about Him will not ave. Noah's carpenters probably knew as much about the ark as Noah did, and perhaps more. They knew that the Ark was strong; they knew that it was built to stand the deluge; they knew that it was made to float upon the waters; they had helped build it. Yet they were as helpless when the flood came as men who lived thousands of miles away." -D.L. Moody-

The Cross is no longer the event of a mere time and date, but the making in History of that which was in the heart of God.

Jesus is the God- Man Christ and Saviour who is "before all things" and in all things, visible and invisible on earth and in the Heavens. Jesus Christ is the Centre-Mind of the Whole universe. His cross has a reconciling reach throughout all the immeasurable, boundless areas of created existence. Time itself can not contain this illimitable Christ.

He belongs to the infinities and eternities, He grows bigger and bigger, and goes farther and farther, yet losses none of His real, divine-human personality, individuality, sympathy. The cool thing here is called a paradox and that is the bigger, higher and further He seems, the nearer clearer and dearer He become to the human heart.
That is why out of Hunger Paul said "that I may know Him." it is an unfolding of revelation and enjoyment that those who commune with Him would understand.

"O Christ, Thou art the Fountain, The deep, sweet well of Love; the streams on the earth I've tasted; More deep I'll drink from above. There, to an ocean's fullness, Thy love and grace expand; Where glory, glory dwelleth, in Emmanuel's land!"

This wonderful Christ is far bigger than all of our powers of imagination. Our personal sympathetic companion, the All n All of each individual. 

For me I'm learning that the more i give to study, the more i know, but there is more beyond that which i do not know. Each new knowing opens up a vast stretch of the unknown.

We are to know Him more and more, here on earth.
O that I may know Him, even as Paul did. There is nothing greater than striving to make that goal, that thing which God had laid upon each one of our individuals heart.


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