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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Do you know His voice?

"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" John 10:27

The Shepherd talk to us personally, by name.

He knows us inside and out.

Have you ever heard the Shepherd's voice speaking to you through the pages of His Word?

Have you ever been sitting in church or even reading on your own and a verse or passage has been illuminated as if it seems to jump right off the page?

Almost like that specific portion of Scripture has your name on it.

He knows our thoughts before we think them, our words before we speak, our emotions before we feel them, and our actions before we do them.

When He speaks to us it is in our own personal language of our life.
God'S Word is very personal!

How do we know for sure when someone comes and says I have a word for you?

Which voice is truly relaying the authentic voice of our Shepherd?

We should never just take any one's word for anything.

The best i can tell you on this matter is you to go to your Bible and search the Scriptures.

We are to ask God to open our ears so He can give us a personal Biblical word.

Yes, God does speak through others, but is what they have said in accord and confirmed by His Word?

Who is clamoring for you attention?

Who is claiming to speak for God as he or she tells you what to do?

Is it a parent, spouse, pastor, counselor, friend, boss, therapist, doctor, professor, boyfriend, girlfriend?

Whose voice do you hear or listen too?

How are we supposed to make wise choices in a world that is swirling with contradictory opinions on every subject?

Yes, it is sad to say that even the world within the church offers conflicting viewpoints.

The ONLY way for us to know for sure that we hear His voice speaking to us, and that is through His Word.

Everyday is a battle in which we need to hear our Shepherd's voice.

Are you lead by the Shepherd?

Let me tell you if you are lead by the Shepherd and someone is claiming to speak for Him to you and you are uneasy and don't know why, generally that is a warning  going off in your spirit.

Your spiritual antenna will go off.

The only way for sure to know and discern if the person is true or false is to know the Shepherd's voice.

What is that - His Word!

We need to be saturated in the Scriptures of Truth.

We need to be disciplined in every day study.

If you not, there is no better time than to start than right now.

When we know the truth and are presented with that which is false, we will instinctively know it.

It is not an option, I must read it, study it, understand it, apply it, and live by it - the very Word of God!

We are also to listen to our shepherd's voice through it - the Word of God!

We must heed His voice.

When we do, His Word will make a lasting impact on our life, which in turn will bring fruit cause His Word is powerful!

"He that is of God heareth God's words:" John 8:47a


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