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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where do you find buried treasure?

My Pastor this week gave a challenge, which I am one not to turn down a challenge.
My Pastor says it a good thing to go back and check the Scriptures for yourself to see if what he says in true.
The only way to do that is to compare Scripture with Scripture, not with what another Pastor or T.V. Evangelist has to say.
Why are we always so fast to believe everything someone has to say?
Maybe its just because it just our fallen human nature to do so.
If you are one to truly believes everything from a ministers mouth, baby, let me give you some advice, check the Scriptures and compare them to His Living Word.
When we daily are in His Word we will be able to tell when someone is right upfront with us or trying to swindle us.
So this challenge that I took isn't out of the ordinary, for every time that there is some question in my mind or on my heart about something that has been said, I go straight back to the Scriptures to find out for myself.
Even though i might not have/do understand something, even after reading, I ask God to help me understand and to reveal the truth.
I sure don't claim to know everything, but one thing I do know is the the Holy Spirit will teach us, and all we have to do is ask for His help to understand.
So this week have done what Pastor has said, and actually read and reread verses pertaining to the Holy Spirit.
Have opened up the Scriptures and have sat and thought about many things...did you know that John Ch 14-16 also deal with the Holy Spirit- n how it talks about it nor being an emotional feeling how the Holy Spirit is a person- which I knew.
There are those who are driven by emotions, not by that personal intimate relationship with Him!
I don't know about you, but personally I'm just tired of all the weirdness, the church playing, the emotional part of it.
Our relationship is based on trust, commitment and not emotions.
Emotions are good, but they are the fruit and not the foundation of our relationship!
When these feelings disappear some people seem despondent, almost depressed if ya will cause they once again have or feel a big void in their life which they think can be filled with an emotion.
Think sometimes all this weirdness runs off people it is a big turn off that is for sure.
Some of us can discern silliness, immature emotionalism.
It is with the anointing is knowledge.
I believe that the moment we are saved we the anointing, through the Holy Spirit's presence that indwells each believer.It is something that can not be taught or learned.It is just something that ya know that ya know.
It is an inner awareness, as surge of strengthening assurance.
I was told as a young believer once that whatever one does, concerning God is that it will always exalt and give Him all the glory.
All I know is that each of us have our own unique individual experiences as the Lord will use us in unique ways.
We must never, never get far from His revealed and reliable Word!
The moment that we step away from His Word and use your experience as a basis for your belief, the Scriptures will diminish in importance and you will make more and more room for that strangeness.The Word says things are done descent n in order.
"Let All things be done decently and in order." 1Cor.14:40
My favorite Pastor, teacher, of all time has got to be Katheryn Kulhman.
 Even what little I have watched of Kathryn Kulhman, the grace, poise, the gentleness, the kind of interaction she had with the Spirit- who wouldn't want it?
If God can do that for Kathryn Kulhman why not for those who ask, He is no respecter of persons....He did say to ask...there is a deeper place in God, the only kind that comes with a deeper personal intimate relationship.
The things that happened through her ministry was just an overflow from her personal time with Him. Can we have the Holy Spirit n not speak n tongues, sure...but if there is so much more why do we stop? Maybe the weirdness is a turn off, maybe some just don't really understand, maybe some are scared of a radical life change, don't know.
How many of us have seen spirit filled people do things that are not spirit led and said if this is what it is all about, then I don't want anything to do with it...how can intelligent people do silly things?
Do they not have any brains at all? Isn't the Holy Spirit s power supposed to make us sharp, sound and intelligent?
Isn't the Holy Spirit the enlightening ability of God?
 He bring stability and maturity as He works in our heart and soul and renews our thinking by the Word of God. Its not all about feelings, but strength, stability and dependability.
Do those living with the emotional high just not have a personal relationship with Him? If He gives us such wonderful gifts as tongues- why do people take it to extremes as they do as it seems as if they abuse that as an emotional high- maybe at first it wasn't but over time it has turned into it...That is my thinking on this subject for this week...maybe am wrong n my thinking-Lord forgive me if am, and help me if am wrong.
All that I know to do in answer to these questions that have arose during this challenge.
Some of these questions are from some of those that I counsel.
Where we stand on divine integrity of the Scriptures will determine the nature and content of the gospel that we proclaim to the world.
The Bible embodies true communication about the nature of God, the condition of man, the provision of His salvation, it is the foundation on which the Gospel rests.
Preaching is not the act of unfolding our personal convictions, but the obligation of our calling to inform all men, women, child of all that God has spoken.
To move away from Scripture is to move into our own wasteland.
There is so much more work of the Spirit to do within us, than we would have ever thought or even allowed ourselves to experience.
The best possible advice that I can give on this subject is to stay with God's Book of Truth, The Bible.
Bounce everything off the written Word of God.
Keep that plumb line true.
Lord, I know I am grateful for Your will and Your Word. Help us in the midst of our search to be kept from error. Take away our fear, and in its place give us holy boldness. Keep us from running after a so called new truth, or that side show stuff. Keep us on the path that You have for our life. Help us to daily discover a new sweetness in deepness in our relationship and intimacy with You as we have never known before. All we do we want to be done for Your glory, so help us be transformed daily by the power of Your Spirit, draw us near than before blessed Lord. I will give You all the praise and glory for it. Amen.


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