Daily Walk with the Holy Spirit

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Do we trust Him?

I've learned that He calls us to do some things that seem/or are difficult.

All He wants is obedience.


Do we truly believe that He is able to help us through each n every circumstance?

If we do, then why do we still question Him?

I believe the Father keep His Word, His promises, so why do we doubt?

Human nature.

Our intimacy with God must be First priority in our life.

It is when lose our view of who He truly is that we will find ourself doubting and wavering.

Our view of God is in direct proportion to what we believe about Him.

Yes, we all have ares of where we must grow in our understanding of Him.

I believe that it is of the utmost important thing in our life that we settle in our heart who we believe God is.

Do we really trust God?

Are we truly confident that He has the ability to help me?

We must know without a shadow of a doubt that we can place all our hope in Him.

He is worthy of our trust, loves us unconditionally and wants to shoe us life at its very best.

Let us honor Him for He is the Great I Am! Exodus 33:13

"I will be who I have always been." God hasn't changed from eternity.


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